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Hi, I'm Shuvojit Das. I have 5+ years working experience on blogger template designing, developing and fixing issues with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery and more.

If you need, I would love to help you creating your website/blog. You can hire me for your custom projects. Or for a killer custom slider, I will design beautiful slider and install on your blog myself. Or if you have a slider installed on your blog and you want me to customize or fix any issues/error, knock me, we will discuss about it. E-mail me directly at shuvojit33@gmail.com or use the contact form available here. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

1. A Full-Width Responsive Carousel Slider

Blogger Carousel Slider

Live URL: http://vidalouca3.blogspot.com.br/

2. Full-Width Responsive Infinite Loop Slider

Full Width Slider

Live URL: http://www.eternalrian.com/

3. Automatic Recent Post Slider

Live URL: https://www.househomemade.us/

4. Metro Carousel Slider (Responsive & Dynamic)

Metro Carousel Slider

Live URL: http://shuvojitdas.com/demo/metro-carousel-responsive-dynamic-slider/

5. PrettyPhoto Lightbox – A super easy and stunning lightbox slider for Blogger

PrettyPhoto Lightbox for Blogger

Live URL: http://prettyphotolightbox.blogspot.com/


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